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Andy Paterson

Long-time mining and social historian and author, Andy Paterson lives in Errol in Perthshire.
Copies of Andy's book "A Blast from the Past" can be purchased directly from him at:

Andy can also be contacted by phone on 01821 642592

Jim Cornfield

Another long-time mining and local historian and avid genealogist, Jim was born, raised and still lives in Blantyre, where he is active as a member of the Blantyre Heritage Group, he was also a founding member of the Lanarkshire Family History Society. Jim can be contacted at:

Jim can also be contacted by phone on 01698 827338

Jim Rouse

Part-time web designer, full-time IT teacher, Jim Rouse is an avid genealogist and social historian. Born and raised in Blantyre, both his grandfathers were Blantyre miners, three great grandfathers and five great-great grandfathers and numerous other relatives all worked in Lanarkshire pits. Jim has a mining history website at He lives in the wild bushland of Tasmania, but he can be contacted, by posting a message in bottle, or alternatively by email at:

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BlantyrePast is an ongoing project brought together, by Andy Paterson, Jim Cornfield, and Jim Rouse, all sons of Blantyre's mining history