Images of Blantyre Back Then

In here we'll post some old images of Blantyre, if you have any you'd like to put on display contact us and we'll get your images online with your full credit.

For additional images including a lot that have been coloured by Andy Paterson, check out this album.  Old Blantyre~ by Andy Paterson


The image shown at right is the old counting house at what was the Blantyre Works, this photo dates from the early 1900s, the building is now a renovated private residence. An earlier image of the counting house and other works buildings viewed from Bothwell, can be seen at the bottom of the page.

The bridge shown in this photo was referred to locally as the "Pey Brig" as there was a toll paid to the brig toll keeper (seen in image). The bridge was built in 1852 by the Monteiths of Blantyre Works, it later changed hands and became the property of William Baird and Company, Coalmasters, who leased the toll collection rights to the highest bidder. At it's peak the brig was collecting between four and five thousand ha'penny tolls every week! The old "pey brig" was closed in 1949 to be replaced by a new bridgein October, 1952. This new bridge, the "David Livingstone Bridge" was somewhat shorter-lived than it's predecessor only lasting 50 years before being demolished and replaced once more in 2002.


This image shows blacksmiths employed at one of Blantyre's pits. Blacksmiths or as they were known locally "smiddies" were employed to fabricate iron and steel brackets, clamps and other fixtures used throughout the mine. An obvious task (seen in the photo) they also worked on was the manufacture and fitting of horses and ponies shoes.

One of the most-enduring trades our forefathers took employment in, the increased use of cast iron and the industrial revolution in the 19th century contributed to the relegation of the art of blacksmithing to the classification of a dying art. Today most blacksmiths are employed in the manufacture of fancy ironwork or artwork.

1877 Disaster

Blantyre Works
Counting House